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1st Blog!!!! Okay, it's out of my system now, LOL!


Down to business-- lemons! I've always struggled with dark spots from blemishes on my cheeks and more recently from ingrown hairs on my chin due to increased testosterone coursing through my big foine boidy (that's another long story).


I knew that lemons helped to fade dark spots, so i began rubbing a lemon slice over my face after every wash (the sting causes me to think it's actually working LOL). Within a couple of weeks the skin on my face began to brighten, its texture felt and appeared smoother, aaaaand my makeup looks fifty-seven times better! I've legit got dat glow. After noticing the changes, I dug just a smidgeon and found that lemons not only brighten, but are an effective blackhead treatment, help to minimize oil on the skin, removes dandruff, reduces the risks of heart disease if taken orally, and  helps to reduce the signs of aging! Some super-fruit, yeah?!


Now with every "too good to be true" there's always some fine print, so definitely do a bit of your own research before embarking on a pucker inducing, lemony dermatological adventure. Drop a line and let me know about your findings and progress toward impeccable skin!


Peace, Love, & Lemons!


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